Visibility = Safety

Driving down the road while 106 ° F, the sun is burning and it can be exhausting. Due to a high temperature in Arizona, bugs and dirt will probably glue to your car-glass, and your problem starts right there. You must watch for your visibility always, and safety comes first. Making a smooth sailing demands all kinds of prep ups before the road. The process is similar to any windshield. RV windshields are just bigger size when it comes to a cleaning process. Coton cloth or old t-shirts will do the job. Also, let’s now forget steel wool. Best steel wall is #0000. There are many different chemicals you can use like RainX or Invisible glass.

Let’s Start!

Get your steel wool 0000 and start rubbing, anything that’s on the glass including those nasty water spots and bugs.  Back and forth motion is highly recommendable for around 5-10 minutes when it comes to Windshield. It will get off the debris and micro dirt out of there. When you’re over, try to rub it gently with a hand and check is everything smooth.

The next steps will be to get some car window polish to remove these defects. Glass polish will have additional additives as opposed to paint polish, which is specially designed for car windows.

If you are driving down to coastal areas, apply Rain-X or synthetic hydrophobic surface-applied product. (Aquapel, Wax, UQD, UQW). You can apply to an old cloth and start polishing, but beware, don’t use it on car paint just the glass! You need to wait around 10 minutes for product to dry. Use one rag, and try to apply clean water. Now, this part is up to you, cause someone is using nice wet cloth and someone will use the dry material. We would recommence the cloth with the clean water. Do the side mirrors and rare-view mirrors for clarity during the drive. Windshield will need a little more attention due to it’s exposure to wind pressure, debris, dirt, etc. You can use Duragloss 75 or 3D Eraser for Water Spots. Use some of the products on wiper-blades, because it will help the overall cleaning process and keep the dirt or water off your windshield. Now, we are talking about high-maintenance for glass. If you are cruising down the road, you should use water, to keep the visibility and you can start this thorough cleaning process when it’s safe for you to stop somewhere down the road.

Glass cleaner sometimes can’t remove the strongest of water spots, dirt or scratches. The glass is usually more neglected than the bodywork. Usually, you can get pretty impressive results with the glass polishes.  Don’t forget to clean your inside of the windshield. Up and down motions, and you can use Windex or Invisible glass. Cracked Windshields are another thing to consider if you are driving RV.

If you are having a problem of this sort, contact us, and we will get you and your vehicle on the road in no-time!