Tinted windows have become such an in-demand feature for car owners, that many can manufacturers are actually including it as part of the standard (entry-level) equipment. But what happens if your auto glass that is tinted gets damaged? Do you need to replace it or can it be fixed without the tint being intact?

Auto glass repair shops get a lot of questions about this topic, so we’ve decided to clear up some confusion. Naturally, the auto glass repair process with tinted auto glass will differ (in a small way) from regular auto glass repair and here will we point out the most obvious differences.

Tinted windows that sustained damage

General rule of thumb is to have damaged auto glass repair as soon as possible. The same goes for tinted auto glass as well. If your tinted windows have a crack or chip from a small rock, that doesn’t necessarily present a high risk for your safety. But, the chip on tinted windows is much more prominent so it becomes visually unappealing.

When the tinted auto glass is damaged, the tint around the damaged area slowly starts to loosen and peel. If enough of the tint peels off, not only will you need to have the auto glass repaired, but you will also need to replace the entire tint on the window. This is an unnecessary expense you can live without.

Repair process for tinted windows

Just like with regular auto glass (without tint), minor damage on tinted windows can also be repaired. However, depending on how big the damage is, how deep it goes and where is it locate, are the ultimate determining factors whether a tinted auto glass damage can be repaired OR you will need to opt in for a full replacement.

The repair process for tinted windows is almost identical to the one done on regular windows, but it has a few more additional steps:

  • The tint surrounding the damage is gently removed
  • The damage is cleaned so that there is no debris in the crevice
  • The auto glass repair technician injects the resin into the crack to seal the damage (this is also done during regular auto glass repairs)
  • Once the resin has cured and hardened, the technician will apply a new layer of tint to the area

Damaged auto glass repairs can sometimes be complicated. Just as we recommend not to do a HIY auto glass repair on regular windows, we also recommend that you don’t attempt it on tinted windows. This repair process is a bit more delicate so you will definitely need and experienced auto glass technician to do the job. You should also know that auto glass repairs on tinted windows tend to cost a bit more than auto glass repairs on non-tinted windows.

If your tinted (or regular) auto glass is damaged from road debris and you need to have it inspected and fixed, contact Auto Glass Express today and schedule and appointment.