When someone’s auto glass is damaged, you can see then covering it up with plastic. You’ve seen this plenty of times. And you must have asked yourself if this is even a safe option for a car that has sustained window damage.

Driving with a damaged window that is covered with plastic is definitely NOT safe and here are a few reasons why.

Windows covered with plastic have no protection against flying objects

When one or more of your car’s windows is covered with plastic, both you and your passengers aren’t safe. When you drive at moderate speed, you can easily pick up road debris. And as your car can pick up road debris, so can other cars.

The goal of auto glass is to protect you from flying objects. When the window is covered with plastic, there is nothing solid to stop incoming debris that flies at high speed. Both you and your passengers can get seriously injured.

Furthermore, if you get into an accident and you collide with another vehicle, the plastic covering won’t prevent shattered glass or meta shards from entering your vehicles and injuring you.

Auto glass is much stronger and resilient to debris than plastic and it provides better protection from flying objects. So if your window sustains damage, it is best to head to an auto glass repair shop to have it repaired or replaced, rather than covering it up with a piece of plastic.


In order to drive safely, you need to have good visibility of the road in every direction. Fractured or damaged auto glass on its own can impede visibility. And when you cover it up with a piece of plastic, you’re only making things worse.

Some drivers might use semi-transparent plastic, but that still doesn’t provide a good view of the road.

Poor visibility is dangerous not only for you but to everyone around you. You don’t have good view of the traffic and you risk getting into a collision. With poor visibility, you won’t be able to:

  • See your blind spots
  • See pedestrians that are waiting to cross the road
  • See emergency vehicles and react in a timely matter
  • Navigate safely in traffic

To protect the safety of yourself and your passengers, avoid driving with a plastic covering your damaged out glass. Replacing or repairing damaged auto glass can be inexpensive (insurance can even cover a portion of it or the entire amount) and it doesn’t require a huge time commitment.

Target to theft

If you don’t want your car to be burglarized, then you should repair the auto glass damage as soon as possible. Driving a car where the damaged auto glass is covered with a piece of plastic is basically an invitation to thieves to burglarize your vehicle. Especially if you park in public areas.

Water leaks

A fully functional and intact auto glass will not only protect you on the road from flying objects, but it will also prevent water from leaking into your car. But when you cover your damaged auto glass with plastic, you can be sure that water will leak inside your car in heavy rain. The water might cause failure in the electrical mechanism inside your door, and it can also cause damage on your central console. It doesn’t matter if you use waterproof tape or not. Torrential rain will eventually enter your vehicle.

If your auto glass sustains damage, avoid using plastic to cover it up. Instead, contact Auto Glass Express and schedule a repair / replacement as soon as possible.